It’s a raspberry chocolate vegan affair!

Honestly, if you’re not looking at the picture above and drooling, I think you’re a liar, and/or something is wrong with you. This is hands down the most decadent, delicious chocolate cake I have ever made, and as a bonus it caters to basically everyone!

I have a super diverse in-law family – my brother in law is “mostly vegan”, his girlfriend is lactose intolerant and allergic to eggs, I’m not great with lactose either, and the consensus prior to me coming into the picture was you would never satisfy everyone with one cake.

Turns out they were right, but only because my man doesn’t like chocolate cake (I KNOW?!?). So I figured the best I could do was come up with a yummy vegan chocolate cake as that would exclude all the things everyone seems to be allergic to in the family.

I found a great base recipe from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken, but made quite a few changes to get me to the beautiful monstrosity pictured above.



The recipe is below, but first, a few tips!

My favourite vegan butter is My Life Bio Buttery Spread, which is just at my local Woolworths (hopefully yours too!). I use Copha for vegetable shortening, which has been available at basically every Woolworths and Coles I have ever been too.

Definitely drop me a line if you try my recipe out, or any adjustments you make to it!

Sweet Treats Recipe Card Blog Graphic.jpgSweet Treats Recipe Card Blog Graphic2

Happy baking and caking!



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