Who am I?

Apparently this is the standard starting out post that most people will read just to figure out how interested they are in learning more about you, so hi! Hope you enjoy this, and if you don’t you can just go away I guess.

My name is Alanah, in case you hadn’t got that bit from everything else on the site. I’m 21, and I live in Melbourne, Australia, and really, as far as I’m concerned, the best place in the world. I’m half an hour from basically anything I could ever want – the mountains, the beaches, and the city.

I own two cats, who you will hear a lot about. Archie is a three year old ginger whose hobbies include meowing for food when he’s still got half a bowl left. Lish is a 9 year old amputee whose fur can best be described as “brown ombre”. His main jam is sleeping with a side note of yelling.

I am the proud mother of a (currently) 5 month old human that I made (with some help), named Caspian. He’s pretty cute, he’s basically just a stereotypical baby with a little curl of hair and big blue eyes.

I’m engaged to a guy I met during a stint in a psych hospital, and he is the best person I could ever be with. He stays at home with Caspian while I work full time, which surprises people because “agh, gender roles!” and all that.

I have no real idea what this blog is going to be about, so I guess you can subscribe to find out or something.. Likely to include DIY wedding stuff, cooking, cats, and parenting hacks. If you follow me on instagram, I like to think I’ve got a pretty feed!

See you around!



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