Parenthood and the Gender Binary

Parenthood is a strange, rigid thing in concept. I grew and birthed a child, and suddenly people seemed to think that I would adjust and easily slip into a caretaker role for this tiny, highly dependent human. Folks. I have never been an adaptable person. I went from contemplating being a stay at home parent … Continue reading Parenthood and the Gender Binary


Staying Sane – Motherhood and Mental Illness

I'll let you in on a little secret – I have literally no fucking idea what I'm doing. I became a mother to a human for the first time in July this year, and even though our son was well and truly planned, finding the balance has been a challenge.  I actually don't think it's much of a secret that what we see on social media is a highlight reel, and parenthood isn’t actually hugely different. My followers may only see a few smiley pictures, the colourful food, and the well made up and dressed selfies, but the truth is I spend a lot of time cultivating that image.  

It’s a raspberry chocolate vegan affair!

Honestly, if you're not looking at the picture above and drooling, I think you're a liar, and/or something is wrong with you. This is hands down the most decadent, delicious chocolate cake I have ever made, and as a bonus it caters to basically everyone! I have a super diverse in-law family - my brother in law is "mostly vegan", his girlfriend is lactose intolerant and allergic to eggs, I'm not great with lactose either, and the consensus prior to me coming into the picture was you would never satisfy everyone with one cake. Turns out they were right, but only because my man doesn't like chocolate cake (I KNOW?!?). So I figured the best I could do was come up with a yummy vegan chocolate cake as that would exclude all the things everyone seems to be allergic to in the family.

Who am I?

Apparently this is the standard starting out post that most people will read just to figure out how interested they are in learning more about you, so hi! Hope you enjoy this, and if you don't you can just go away I guess. My name is Alanah, in case you hadn't got that bit from everything else on the site. I'm 21, and I live in Melbourne, Australia, and really, as far as I'm concerned, the best place in the world. I'm half an hour from basically anything I could ever want - the mountains, the beaches, and the city.